Kilim River Cruise (Langkawi Mangroves)

Location: Kedah

Location Info

Address: Bandar Kampung Kilim, 07000 Langkawi Kedah, Malaysia

District » Langkawi


The Mangrove tour or Kilim River Cruise is located along Kilim River in Bandar Kampung Kilim. Kilim River that is filled with mangrove trees along the river at both sides is located in Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. The Kilim Nature Park has a size of The park is located on the northeastern side of Langkawi. It is about 13km away from Kuah Town.


Kilim River Cruise is a must to be performed while visiting Langkawi or your vacation there will never be complete. Kilim Nature Park is definitely the best destination to visit as a getaway from the concrete jungle. There are various packages offered according to your own preference and time available for the river cruise. They are a 1 hour trip, 2 hours trip, 3 hours trip and 4 hours trip available with different sizes of boats all depending on the capacity you wanted. Of course, the prices are different. Still, some are negotiable. There are a few stopping points along the cruise. First of it's the Bat Cave. There, you have the chance to explore the cave with guided tour from the boatmen. There are uncountable bats in the cave. After the exploration, one can feed the eagle by throwing the food into the water. Within minutes, eagles will be flying near you while feasting. Besides, there are more activities including mangrove sightseeing and fish farm in the shortest trip. Of course, more places and activities are available in longer duration trips.

Accommodation in Langkawi is nothing different than that in other places. There are a wide range of hotels and resorts around ready to be pick by guests. Ranging from budget hotels to luxurious 5 stars resorts, you can make reservations before checking in to make sure you have your accommodation settled. Popular hotels are the Sheraton Langkawi Resort, Villa Beach Resort and Langkawi Lagoon Resort, just to name a few. Apart from the Kilim River Cruise, one should too go for island hopping where you have the chance to visit other islets of the Langkawi Island. You will be brought to 3 different islands on the trip and various activities are offered along the way. The last thing you have to do before departing from Langkawi is shopping. Langkawi is too, famous for its duty free shopping other than its beautiful scenery. Wine, alcohol and chocolate are all to be found during your shopping spree.


To reach Langkawi, you can either go by air or by ferry. Daily flights are available by Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Air Asia from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The ferry operates only four routes from Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis, Penang and also Satun, in Thailand. In Langkawi, the boatmen or the hotels' employee will mostly settle your transport to send you to and from your cruise.